Risk Analysis and Portfolio Optimization

  • Tailor-made Personal Risk Score
  • Division of Assets into Risk-Free and Risky Categories
  • Portfolio Optimization Based on Risk and Return
  • Portfolio Stress Test During Market Boom/Bust Periods

Technical Analysis

  • Basic Analysis
    • Different Price Charts including Candlestick, Kagi, Renko, Line Break and Volume Candle
    • Offering in excess of Hundred Indicators
    • Advanced Technical Analytical Tools
  • Intelligent Analysis
    • Indicators' Optimization
    • Trading Strategies' Design, Back-Test and Optimization

Fundamental Analysis

  • Online Financial Ratios
  • % Change in Key Elements
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Historical Comparison of Key Items with Other Companies

Other Capabilities

  • Technical and Fundamental Screener
  • Portfolio Management
  • Heat Map
  • E-Learning